Why the name "Dogs with Attitude”

Because I love a good challenge. And I love cheeky dogs. My desire is to allow them to be their natural self whenever possible. To have fun. To enjoy freedom. To be wild. But also to be OUR BEST COMPANIONS at all times.


The pillars of my business are simple…

  • I value your time, lifestyle, convenience, peace of mind and desired outcomes.
  • Result based training model, not after “clocking” hours.
  • Offer my services with full integrity, interest, care, passion and common sense.
  • Fair and reasonable prices

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SAVE over $300

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can be purchased to further ensure maximum progress during our training journey together, via telephone calls and / or videos, so you can be guided in a timely, effective and confident manner between our weekly or fortnightly sessions.


Eliminate doubts of any sort when training

Effectively handle different behaviour responses caused by training

Smooth and stress free progress

Answer questions from different family members who were not able to attend the sessions but are actively involved in the training process 

Successfully address any changes in environments or circumstances during our journey

Get all the support you need, when you need it!


$49 (for 4-5 session programs)

$79 (for 6-8 session programs)

$99 (for 8-10 session programs)

$129 (for 10+ session programs)


can be purchased to ensure ongoing training support for the life of your pet*


You are not alone, even after your training program has ended. 

You will ONLY and ALWAYS interact with me. The advantage there is
that I get to know your dog and its temperament, yourself and
your lifestyle, understand your dog’s full history,
hence, always able to give you specific ongoing assistance.



* Above offers are NOT AVAILABLE for programs consisting of 3 sessions or less

* Number of required training sessions will be determined by a behavioural assessment, after which a highly customised training program will be created to assist you in meeting your final goals, as fast as possible

* Lifetime Support – lifetime of pet, under same ownership and living conditions, on previously taught skills or addressed behavioural modifications; In person: same area or within 20km of original training place, travelling fees may apply for longer distances



* NDTF – Nationally accredited dog trainer and behaviourist – Australia’s only government-approved provider for professional canine trainers (recognised qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework). The National Dog Trainers Federation is the national representative body in Australia for dog trainers from all fields since 1993.


*AGGRESSION IN DOGS: DEFENSIVE HANDLING & TRAINING (RACE, CCPDT, KPA & IAABC accredited course) – how to work with all levels of aggressive dogs – private and shelter dogs. Coached by Michael Shikashio (world industry expert in aggressive and reactive dogs) and Trish McMillan (internationally recognised speaker, Master’s Degree in Animal Behaviour)

*DEAF DOGS UNLEASHED – teaching obedience and behavioural changes with deaf dogs (PPG, KPA,PPAB,CCPDT accredited course)

*LEASH REACTIVITY – how to train and manage leash reactive / aggressive dogs – Tyler Muto

*HOW TO HANDLE ADOPTED DOGS – a comprehensive course on the journey of how to introduce a rescue dog into a new lifestyle – Leerburg University

*HOW WE MANAGE DOGS IN OUR HOME – management of mutiple dog interactions, how we expect dogs to live with us – Leerburg University


* Dr. IAN DUNBAR’s SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy

* ANIMAL WELFARE VICTORIA – Responsible Dog Ownership Program

IACP member (International Association of Canine Professionals)

RSPCA approved

First Aid for Dogs qualified

LickiMat®️ endorsed collaborator on Dog Training Tips


(You are important, I want to make YOU the best dog owner you can be)

* BACHELOR’S DEGREE IN BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (skills that will allow me to organise my business in a way that’s most relevant to your needs)
* TRAINING & WORKPLACE ASSESSMENT CERT IV (able to communicate at all levels in ways that will be clearly understood and applied by various audiences, enabling me to pass on my training skills efficiently)
* BUSINESS FRONTLINE MANAGEMENT CERT IV (a set of skills emphasising on motivating and up-skilling individuals, increase results and personal satisfaction, make informed decisions, develop trust and confidence – just to name a few competencies)
* CONFLICT RESOLUTION & EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE accredited courses (positivity, active listening, manage stress quickly while remaining logical and calm, be aware of and respect differences, pay attention to feelings and emotions – and more)



Growing up overseas, I was surrounded by lots of stray dogs; some were very aggressive and fearful, some very friendly and affectionate. But local council workers did not discriminate. They were roaming the streets collecting hundreds of dogs every day. And putting them down immediately.

I couldn’t tolerate seeing such beautiful souls being taken away so cruelly.
The desperation in those dogs’ eyes.. their sounds of fear when they got captured have been permanently imprinted into my heart and continued to fuel my passion for offering each and every single dog a perfect life.

My willingness to help them survive made me want to understand them more. To create a life for them that just like us humans, when they’d go to bed at night, they’ll take a deep breath and say: today was just perfect!

When I was 12, I started building a stray dog housing program. Deal was simple: I’ll train the dogs to be safe and mannered in exchange for becoming someone’s permanent pet after.

More and more people joined my venture. No exact methodology. No certified training. No right or wrong. But a massive will to save a life had motivated us all to do our best. We had learnt first hand and from experience.

Since then, I’ve been continuously taking on specialised courses, researching and learning, reading hundreds of books, watching thousands of videos and following world’s top trainers and their individual methodologies. Compared, applied, modified, analysed and continued to learn.


Born 11/09/2014 in Melbourne, from a long and well-established line of German Shepherd show dogs, he’s been my shadow since he was 8 weeks old.

He humbly carries numerous prizes from agility and obedience competitions. He prefers not to brag about them, but he’s always happy to show you what he knows.

He even got published a few times in the National German Shepherd Magazine, for his great display of behaviour in public places and other achievements.

Ronny assists me with socialisation, obedience and behavioural demonstrations. Sometimes, he helps me with “disciplining” little pups. When he feels a bit more serious, he will engage in working with reactive dogs, towards their rehabilitation.

When he’s not working, Ronny loves a good game of tug, a long walk in the park, a fast fetch, or learning a few new things here and there.

He’s got a vast circle of friends that he regularly socialises with.



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