Do you only train specific breeds or issues?

I train all dogs, all ages, all breeds, all issues.

Which areas do you service?

Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Roxburgh Park + 25 min travelling time. Travelling fees might aplly for other locations. Please enquire for additional information.

Whenever applicable, training can be done from my premises, if you’re willing to travel.

Where do you train the dogs?

Consultations and training sessions are primarily conducted in the convenience of your home, or where the dog needs more help with his training: work place, streets, parks, shopping centers, train stations and many more.

What are your hours of operations?

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri  from 8:30  to 18:30

Saturday from 9:00 to 16:00

Wednesday & Sunday – CLOSED


Do we need an initial consultation?

All dogs aged 3 months and over must have one. Behavioural assessments are for issues that fall outside the scope of pure obedience training and would need individual attention.

Behavioural issues covered, range from house training to aggression and any other unwanted behaviour in between. Whenever an emotional association (i.e. fear, reactivity, resource guarding, anxiety, frustration, conflict, apprehension, anger etc.) needs to be changed – a behaviour consult is required.

These sessions are held at your home, and if required transferred to other environments: on walks, in the car or at the vet, etc.

Behaviour is not something ‘within’ the dog, it is fluid; it is a function of the current environment, past experiences and genetics.

Behaviour is the study of one. Two or more dogs with the same undesirable behaviour will require a different approach. Your dog, your circumstances and home environment are different from anybody else’s. Therefore, before an effective behaviour change plan can be formulated specifically for you and your dog, an assessment needs to be done.

During the assessment, there will be follow up questions about the information you submitted on the enquiry form.

Follow up sessions (60 minutes) are usually required to implement the behavioural change program. How frequent these sessions are scheduled (i.e. once a week, every 10 days or every second week) is your choice.

The amount of follow up sessions required depends on many variables: your goals, time and other resources available, dog’s character, predictability and severity of the behaviour, onset of the behaviour, environmental management options available, social motivation, etc.

Duration of consultation: Approximately 60-90 minutes, charged at a flat rate of $199.

Why should I book a private session?

Individual training is far more effective than group obedience training for the following reasons: it allows the whole family to be involved, including your children. Training can be tailored to your dog’s temperament and your needs as the owner. Training in your dog’s natural environment is more realistic and relevant. Dogs are more relaxed and learn faster when not around other dogs.

When would you be available?

Please fill in the CONTACT US form and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Why would I use a trainer when there is so much free information on social media?

Neither dog nor situation will ever be exactly the same. Listening to “other people” or finding instructions on the internet that are not tailored to your dog, can do much more harm than good. Each dog needs to be assessed correctly, particularly where aggression or other undesired behaviors are concerned.

Why should I invest in having my dog trained?

Just imagine what the costs would be if you don’t invest. Dogs can cause lots of damage to other dogs, individuals and property. The emotional and financial costs can be overwhelming: vet and hospital fees, legal fees if being sued for nuisance behaviours, local council complaints, neighbour complaints, continuous stress, family conflicts if it misbehaves so much that you’d have to make a choice to get rid off it, unsafe around kids and visitors, having to muzzle your dog in public for the rest of its life, keeping it on leash all the time to prevent further injuries – just to name a few of the most common problems you’d face by not investing in having a well behaved dog.

What are your fees?

They vary and depend on the program selected, your dog and the problem you’d like to address.

One thing is for sure: I focus entirely on results and not hours. The sooner we meet your expectations, the better! Please get in touch for a personalised quote.

Are there any cancelation fees?

I appreciate that life can be unpredictable at times, so I will be as accommodating as I can. You are politely requested to give at least 48 hours notice of any rearrangement or cancellation.

Changes within 48 hours will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Changes within 24 hours will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

How long does it take to train my dog?

That depends on the program and options selected, your availability, your dog’s ability to learn a skill or modify a behaviour; I can be a lot more precise after the initial consultation.

One thing is for sure: I focus my programs on results and not hours, so I will always aim to exceed your expectations, while minimizing your time and effort required to do so.

Do you provide any guarantees?

Although DOGS WITH ATTITUDE will use all reasonable care to train your dog, DOGS WITH ATTITUDE cannot guarantee that the dog will respond adequately to commands at all times. I guarantee however that your dog will be much better than it was before you started the program. I will also guarantee that you will be a lot more prepared and in control to deal with many other circumstances when they come up.

The effectiveness of a completed dog training program depends upon many factors over which DOGS WITH ATTITUDE has no control. Such factors include, but are not limited to: the future health of the dog, the frequency and effectiveness of training reinforcement (practice) and how well the owner takes direction and uses the training techniques. The owner understands and agrees that genetics and environmental history (e.g. past experiences, lack of training, nutrition, health, etc.) may affect the dog’s behaviour. The owner agrees to maintain the dog’s training after the training program is complete and understands that because the training of a dog is a fluid process, not fully in the control of any party, there are no guarantees of any specific result.

Just like you, your dog is an individual with feelings and emotions, moods and own thinking patterns, whose behaviour will vary and adapt to changing circumstances, experiences and environments, age, hormones, fears, aches and pains phobias and many other things!

What if something happens to me or my dog during training?

The dog owner is responsible for the dog at ALL times. Taking all appropriate measures to keep everyone involved always safe is paramount.

Should the dog injure any person or should the dog’s failure to respond to any command(s) result in damage to property or of any person (including the OWNER or DOG), OWNER agrees to absolve DOGS WITH ATTITUDE from any and all obligations and to pay any such damage to such person.  OWNER further agrees to hold DOGS WITH ATTITUDE harmless from any and all such claims.  OWNER is 100% responsible for his/her dog and of his/her dog’s actions, 100% of the time.



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